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Las Vegas rates the Bucs in the middle of the pack for 2017 Super Bowl odds

Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

Las Vegas has updated its 2017 Super Bowl odds, and they like the Tampa Bay Buccaneers slightly better than they did a week ago, despite nothing of significance happening -- aside from the Super Bowl, of course. The Bucs have 50/1 odds of winning the 2017 Super Bowl per Bovada, while Vegas Insider had them at 60/1 a week ago.

Five teams have worse odds than the Bucs, with the Cleveland Browns at 150/1, the Tennessee Titans at 100/1, and the Jacksonville Jaguars, Oakland Raiders and Miami Dolphins at 66/1. The Bucs are tied with nine other teams at 50/1, so they certainly aren't seen as a terrible team at this point. They're clearly not frontrunners, but they're not out of the running either.

Of course, Las Vegas odds don't necessarily tell us how good Vegas thinks the Bucs are -- it mostly tells us where they think they need to rate them to get the most and most balanced betting action. It reflects the wisdom of the betting crowd more than the evaluation of the oddsmakers themselves. Still, looking back over the past years, Vegas has certainly been close to correct for the Bucs. Hopefully, the team finally outperforms those projections this year.