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DLT's Deadlocks - NFL 2016 Weekly Picks Week 14

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The roll keeps going for DLT, can he keep it up?

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As our beloved pewter clad Buccaneers have begun to rise from the ashes of mediocrity, so to has yours truly. For the third consecutive week, I was at least at 80% on my picks and was 2-1 on my upset specials.

After a season long of suck, I'm hopefully rallying to the finish here.

Last Week: 12-3 80% Upset Specials: 2-1 67%
Season: 118-72 62% Upset Specials: 15-19 44%

Thursday Night

Chiefs 27, Raiders 24 - This may be the first TNF game (the Bucs aren't playing in) that I'm actually excited about.


Steelers 31, Bills 24 - Pittsburgh making their late season push while Buffalo makes their annual plunge back to also-ran.

Upset Special: Broncos 23, Titans 20 - Sorry, I just don't buy the Flaming Thumbtacks are good enough to beat Denver, even with Paxton Lynch playing.

Washington NFL Franchise 27, Eagles 23 - If Washington loses this one, they're in big trouble.

Dolphins 21, Cardinals 17 - Sorry, just don't think a road win is in the Cards.

Upset Special #2: Chargers 30, Panthers 21 - San Diego bounces back from a tough loss while Carolina continues its nightmare season.

Upset Special #3: Browns 24, Bengals 21 - I know, crazy. But this is the last best chance for the Browns to avoid 0-16.

Lions 31, Bears 10 - Detroit inches closer to the NFC North title.

Colts 23, Texans 17 - Indy somehow gets in control of the AFC South.

Vikings 17, Jaguars 3 - Minnesota's defense keeps their playoff hopes alive.

49ers 13, Jets 10 - J-E-T-S = Just End The Season.

Bucs 30, Saints 20 - The Buccos learn from last season and don't take the Saints lightly.

Falcons 37, Rams 17 - Sure, Jeff Fisher deserves an extension. Riiiiiiight.

Seahawks 27, Packers 17 - Seahags end the Packers while keeping the pressure on Dallas.

Sunday Night

Cowboys 30, Giants 17 - Dallas gets revenge for their own loss of the season and wraps up the NFC East.

Monday Night

Patriots 21, Ravens 17 - New England proclaims its dominance in the AFC.