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Watch: Falcons lose to Chiefs on bizarre two-point attempt

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Kansas City Chiefs v Atlanta Falcons Photo by Scott Cunningham/Getty Images

The Atlanta Falcons were in position to go up three points on the Kansas City Chiefs with a two-point conversion after scoring a late touchdown. With 4:32 left and leading 28-27, the Falcons tried to get to 30-27 — and instead, saw Eric Berry do this.

Berry had gotten a pick six off Matt Ryan earlier on, so he had one amazing game. Most importantly, though, this flipped the game’s score, giving the Chiefs a 29-28 lead, as well as the ball. The Falcons defense couldn’t stop Alex Smith and company from grinding down the clock, and they lost in what must have been excruciating fashion.

Notably for the Bucs, though, this means they can join the lead in the NFC South with a win today. The Falcons are now 7-5, and the Bucs 6-5. Beating the Chargers in a game that starts in ten minutes would give them the same record as the Falcons, though they would lose the tiebreaker based on division record right now. Given that the Bucs have three division games left, though, that’s a problem that’s easily remedied.