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NFL Mock Draft 2017: Finding receivers for Jameis Winston

NCAA Football: MAC Championship-Western Michigan at Ohio Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are basically out of the playoffs, unless they hit about five hole-in-ones in a row, which means we’re starting to talk about the offseason. And offseason means draft — and draft means, of course, mock drafts.

SB Nation’s Dan Kadar published yet another mock draft this week, but Kadar went in reverse because regular mock drafts are boring. That has almost no impact on the Bucs, though: they pick 15th in his mock draft, whereas they’d be seventeenth usually.

Regardless, Kadar has the Bucs picking a receiver: Western Michigan’s Corey Davis, who has put up some absurd statistics in his four-year college career.

Pairing Davis with Mike Evans is unfair. Evans has been targeted an unbelievable 164 times this season. Bringing in a secondary star outside receiver could lower that number, and also limit how much help defenses can use on Evans’ side of the field.

That would certainly be unfair. The Western Michigan receiver has put up over 1,400 yards in three consecutive seasons, and has everything you want in a wideout: speed, size, route-running ability and hands.

So if he falls to the Bucs, they’ll probably take him. Whether he’ll fall that far is another question entirely, and slightly unlikely. More intriguingly, the strong consensus seems to be that the Bucs will take a receiver this draft, Davis or otherwise.

That selection makes sense, as the Bucs will need to find a replacement for Vincent Jackson and, preferably, add some explosive speed at wide receiver. But the team has needs elsewhere, too, most notably at safety and along the defensive line, and they’ll need talent infusions to start compensating for aging veterans as well.

Still, wide receiver does make the most sense at first glance. Super-powering the passing offense and giving Jameis Winston extra outlets can only help the Bucs, and they’re not in danger of any particular unit collapsing without an immediate talent infusion.