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NFL starts spring league with veteran free agents

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NFL Europe Frankfurt Galaxy v Amsterdam Admirals Photo by Alexander Heimann/Bongarts/GettyImages


The NFL is adding more entertainment to their already year-round product. According to Sirius XM NFL, the NFL will start a spring league featuring four teams of veteran free agents.

The new spring league will apparently play six games between April 5 and April 27, 2017.

It’ll be interesting to see what this looks like. The games will be played before the draft, but after the start of free agency — which means the top free agents won’t be in there, but a slew of veterans who are hoping for a late opening on a roster are.

Will the NFL be able to put together not just competitive roster, but good coaching staffs and interesting games? Or will this fizzle like the NFL Europe did, with mostly low-quality play and games with very few stakes?

Or will that not matter, and will this effectively be a developmental and sustaining league for young and old veterans, players who are not quite ready for an NFL roster spot and those who are on their way out but may have something left in the tank?