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DLT’s Deadlocks - NFL Week 16 Picks 2016

NFL: Preseason-New England Patriots at New Orleans Saints Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

It’s been an up-and-down December for me in my picks segment. This past week, I went over my yearly percentage but was only 1-2 in my Upset specials.

We’ll see if I can finish with a flurry of correct picks so my season percentage doesn’t look quite as bad as it’s been.

Last Week: 11-5 68% Upset Specials: 1-2 33%

Season: 138-84 62% Upset Specials: 16-24 40%

Thursday Night

Giants 27, Eagles 16 - New York wraps up the 5th seed in the playoffs and keeps the pressure on Dallas.


Bills 23, Dolphins 16 - Buffalo is typically the place Miami playoff hopes go to die.

Patriots 40, Jets 13 - It’s really a shame to see how New York is tanking the season, and Todd Bowles deserves better.

Titans 23, Jaguars 20 - It’s a trap game for the Flaming Thumbtacks. Jacksonville is already coachless, but at least their not winless.

Packers 27, Vikings 16 - Pack seem to be on a mission so no clinchin’ for the Bucs this week.

Chargers 30, Browns 13 - If San Diego loses this game, not even Los Angeles will take them.

Upset Special #1 Bears 23, Redskins 17 - Bears are fighting hard down the stretch. I think Chicago has one more surprise left in them.

Falcons 30, Panthers 20 - I’d love to pick an upset here, I just can’t do it.

Upset Special #2 Colts 30, Raiders 27 - As great as the Raiders are, I think they’re do for a playoff celebration hangover.

Upset Special #3 Bucs 27, Saints 21 - It won’t be as low scoring as the first contest, but the Bucs will still keep their playoff hopes alive. As a side note - admit Saints fans, you think whistle guy is an annoying, too.

Seahawks 30, Cardinals 20 - Arizona’s cashed in their chips.

Rams 23, 49ers 16 - Free of the Fisher suckitude, the Scams beat up on their division rival.

Saturday Night

Texans 23, Bengals 13 - Houston will Savage the Bengals. See what I did there?

Sunday (Christmas Day)

Steelers 23, Ravens 20 - Pittsburgh reclaims its supremacy in the AFC North

Chiefs 24, Broncos 16 - Kansas City moves back ahead in the topsy turvey AFC West

Monday Night

Cowboys 24, Lions 17 - A game Buc fans will be taking a keen interest in.