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Mike Evans was NOT happy with his Madden 16 ratings

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Mike Evans is ambitious. So ambitious that an 87 rating on Madden 16 after a good but not dominant rookie season didn’t just annoy him, it pissed him off. That’s the story Robert Klemko of The MMQB told on Twitter yesterday.

“Summer 2015, EA Sports gives us an advanced copy of Madden 16 so Peter King can play Gerald McCoy and Mike Evans in our training camp van. The first thing they want to see is their ratings. Evans is an 87. He’s [very] upset. He says ‘You’ve got to be kidding me’ and then goes silent.

“It wasn't funny, like when most players see ratings. Evans was so pissed off we didn't even use it in the video because it was too awkward. He said quietly to himself, "ok, next year we're gonna see." Even McCoy thought it was a little awkward and quickly changed the subject.”

“I thought, I hope this dude dominates so I can tell the story of him being super salty about his 87 after his rookie season.”

Evans could have made the Pro Bowl after his rookie or sophomore season, but this is a time of extremely productive wide receivers. This season, though, Evans is in the top five of basically every receiving statistic, putting up 84 catches for 1,159 yards and 10 touchdowns with two games to go.

He earned that Pro Bowl berth, and I bet he earned a better rating than 87 in next year’s Madden, too.