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Keith Tandy named Clutch Performer of the Week

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New Orleans Saints v Tampa Bay Buccaneers Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Keith Tandy has been named the NFL Clutch Performer of the Week for his game-sealing interception against the New Orleans Saints.

Tandy had an outstanding game against the Saints, not only picking off Drew Brees’ final pass, but tipping a pass to Brent Grimes for another interception and leading the team in tackles.

The backup safety has been asked to start two consecutive games and has played very well in them, but it’s unclear whether Tandy will even start this Sunday against the Dallas Cowboys. Safety Chris Conte is healthy again, and the only reason Tandy got on the field in the first place was his injury.

Of course, Tandy’s impact the past two weeks suggests he may at least deserve some extra playing time. We’ll see what the Bucs do on Sunday. For now, he can just enjoy being the Clutch Performer of the Week. Good fun.