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DLT's Deadlocks - NFL Week 9 Picks 2016

Can the Bucs beat the Falcons and other questions?

Jonathan Dyer-USA TODAY Sports

Hey there folks, well my craptastic season continues (hey at least I got more right than wrong last week) so I'm trying a brand new strategy. If a game is too close to call and I think something may happen one way, I'm going to go the opposite.

For example, our game tonight. I don't expect the Bucs to win, but I think they have a shot at it. I think it will be a close game that the Bucs would find a way to blow. My pick would normally be Atlanta but using this philosophy, I'm going with the Bucs.

It was either this or let my dog pick games - and that's not off the table for Week 10.

Last Week: 7-5 58% Upset Specials: 1-2 33%

Season: 65-53 55% Upset Specials: 8-12 40%

Byes: Bears, Bengals, Patriots, Cardinals, Washington NFL Franchise, Texans

Thursday Night

Upset Special #1 Buccaneers 27, Falcons 24 - See above. BTW, congrats to Johnny Lynch for his induction into the Ring of Honor. I don't know if he'd be able to play in the modern NFL but back in the day, he was the man!


Upset Special #2 Steelers 23, Ravens 20 - Of course I'd go with the Ravens here, especially with big Ben hurting. So the pick is Pittsburgh. Yay Logic!

Cowboys 30, Browns 10 - I may be trying a new philosophy, but I'm not an idiot (shut up).

Chiefs 30, Jaguars 20 - Jacksonville is on their way to getting their coach fired.

Dolphins 23, Jets 17 - I think the Jets could potentially win in obviously I must pick the Dolphins.

Giants 23, Eagles 20 - I think Wentz is going to go off against the G-men, but its tough to win a division game on the road in November. I was leaning Eagles, so I'll pick New York.

Vikings 23, Lions 13 - Okay, so yes the Vikings are in full meltdown mode. This should be ripe for a Lions upset. So...obviously, Minnesota.

Upset Special #3 Rams 23, Panthers 17 - It looked like Carolina was back after the bye week, taking out the Cards. So obviously they'll go to LA and win. Nope.

Saints 38, 49ers 20 - Even the Saints can't screw it up in San Francisco can they?

Chargers 21, Titans 10 - I think San Diego is coming around and this one won't be that close.

Packers 30, Colts 20 - Nothing like a slump buster for the Pack to get well on.

Sunday Night

Raiders 30, Broncos 24 - Usually, I'd pick Denver here. They're the champs and while Oakland is very good, I'm not sure if I'm fully a believer - plus they're Buc-like at home. So obviously, I have to go with the Raiders thanks to this philosophy. (Watch this be the week I would gone perfect if I stayed with the old way of picking games).

Monday Night

Seahawks 30, Bills 17 - The last football game in history is this snoozer? Why is it the last football game in history? You see whose running for President, right?

Speaking of - even if you can't stand either candidate for President, please get out there and vote. There are countries throughout the world that would give anything to have this opportunity and you're not just voting for a President, but senate/congress and important local issues that can have effect on millions of people.

Don't be silent. Don't sit out. Do your civic duty as an American citizen (living or dead).