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DLT'S Deadlocks - NFL Picks Week 12 2016

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

It's thanksgiving, a time we Americans use to reflect on what we accomplished this past year and give thanks to God, Allah, Zeus or the Flying Spaghetti Monster for the gifts we do have.

I thank you, dear Buc fan, for sticking with us and our bumbling band of pewter clad pirates, through thick and thin (I know we're all tired of thin and we're ready for some thick). I also want to thank you for continuing to read this for entertainment purposes only article despite my dreadful year.

I am a bit on the upswing, posting my second consecutive 71% week. Maybe I'll finish the year strong and get back to my mid-sixties mediocrity.

Last Week: 10-4 71% Upset Specials: 0-2 0%

Season: 93-66 58% Upset Specials: 11-17 39%

Thanksgiving Day

Lions 23, Vikings 20 - The Lions are giving thanks its a down year in the NFC North. Vikes are giving thanks that they can have a 4 game losing streak and still be playing for the division title.

Cowboys 30, Washington NFL Franchise 10 - Cowboys are giving thanks for drafting Dak and Zeke. Washington gives thanks that no one really remembers what happened on Thanksgiving.

Steelers 27, Colts 3 - Pittsburgh gives thanks that Andrew Luck won't be playing for Indy. The Colts give thanks that they won't need to feel guilty about firing Chuck Pagano this year.


Titans 30, Bears 6 - The flaming thumbtacks are thankful Mariota is the quarterback we thought he'd be. Da Bears are thankful the Jay Cutler experiment is almost over.

Bills 23, Jaguars 10 - The Bills are thankful to have Jacksonville on their schedule. The Jags are thankful the season is almost over.

Ravens 26, Bengals 13 - B-more is thankful no one paid them any mind before the season started. Cincy is thankful no one will be saying they can't win in the playoffs this year.

Upset Special: Cardinals 34, Falcons 28 - Arizona is thankful for David Johnson, Atlanta is thankful that the rest of the division hasn't caught them...yet.

Giants 40, Browns 10 - The Giants are thankful for this extra bye week. The Browns are thankful dedicated fanbase?

Saints 30, Rams 20 - Saints are thankful the Scams are starting Jared Goff. Scams are thankful that no one will say they are "that team that goes 8-8 every year" anymore.

Dolphins 30, 49ers 13 - Miami is thankful no one is paying attention to their long win streak. Niners are thankful that they have an outside shot at the number one overall draft pick.

Texans 24, Chargers 21 - Houston is thankful the same refs won't be handling this game. The SuperChargers are thankful they will be welcomed with open arms in L.A...right? L.A. wants them don't they? No? Um...yeah. Phillip Rivers. They're thankful for Phillip Rivers.

Upset Special #2: Bucs 23, Seahawks 20 - I'm thankful I'm still insane and if I'm going to suck, let it be glorious. The Bucs are thankful to be catching the Seahags banged up and the Seahags are thankful that the rest of their schedule consists of the NFL equivalent of turkeys.

Raiders 35, Panthers 20 - Oakland is thankful to finally have a winner (even though they'll be leaving for Vegas next year). Carolina is thankful the Super Bowl hangover lasts typically one season.

Patriots 40, Jets 20 - New England is thankful to get this pesky regular season out of the way. The Jets are thankful for the same thing but a different reason.

Sunday Night

Upset Special #3 Chiefs 20, Broncos 17 - Kansas City is thankful they can remind everyone they're still a good team. The Super Bowl champs are thankful they are doing better than Carolina.

Monday Night

Eagles 30, Packers 17 - Philadelphia is thankful they drafted Carson Wentz. Green Bay is thankful they only have to watch their defense once a week.

From our families here at BucsNation to yours - Happy Thanksgiving everyone!