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DLT's Deadlocks - NFL Week 11 Picks 2016

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A blind squirrel finds a nut.

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

The season that I've had in 2016 has definitely gone down in the record books. I don't know why I've struggled as badly this year. Maybe I'm taking too many chances on bad teams? Or maybe I'm not accounting for injuries, motivation, outside distractions - who knows?

I do know that every once in awhile, I've had a decent week...and this was one of those. I hit on 71% of my picks and was perfect on my upset specials.

Hey, blind squirrels find nuts, too.

Last Week: 10-4 71% Upset Specials: 3-0 100%

Season: 83-62 57% Upset Specials: 11-15 42%

Byes: Falcons, Broncos, Jets, Chargers

Thursday Night

Panthers 34, Saints 31 - I think Cam and the boys got one last gasp in them.


Steelers 23, Browns 20 - Mike Tomlin is lucky he works for an organization that simply doesn't fire coaches.

Cowboys 30, Ravens 23 - I don't know if anyone is in Dallas' league right now.

Lions 23, Jaguars 20 - Detroit has a favorable schedule and could actually take the NFC North.

Upset Special: Titans 24, Colts 20 - I'm more of a believer in Mariota than Luck right now. Did I just really type that?

Bengals 24, Bills 20 - One of these teams have their slim playoff hopes dashed.

Chiefs 23, Bucs 17 - Am I crazy enough to think the Bucs have a chance in this game? Yes. Am I crazy enough to pick them? Hell no.

Giants 23, Bears 6 - Chicago was brutal on offense before they lost Alshon Jeffrey for 4 games.

Vikings 23, Cardinals 20 - This game feels like its two teams headed no where. Both were playoff teams in 2015.

Dolphins 26, Rams 13 - Sorry, I would have picked LA if they weren't starting Jared Goff.

Patriots 56, 49ers 3 - Yeah, sorry San Francisco.

Seahawks 27, Eagles 16 - Not in Seattle, Philly.

Sunday Night

Upset Special #2: Packers 23, Washington NFL Franchise 17 - If Green Bay doesn't win this one, it's curtains for them.

Monday Night

Raiders 30, Texans 20 - The Black Hole extends to Mexico.