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Watch Jay Cutler throw a pair of horrendous interceptions

NFL: Chicago Bears at Tampa Bay Buccaneers Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

We’re not even a quarter into the game between the Chicago Bears and Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Jay Cutler has already thrown two horrendous interceptions. Oh Cutler, you never stop amusing.

His first interception was especially terrible. It was just thrown straight to Brent Grimes.

This is what Cutler has done for years and years, of course. He’ll just throw the ball to whoever he wants, regardless of coverage. It’s almost like he’s convinced his arm can fit any ball into any space. Grimes has this route covered from start to finish and there’s simply no room for Cutler to find Jeffery, but hey, why not throw it?

Let’s not underestimate how well Grimes does here, though. Yes, Cutler throws the ball straight to him, but that only happens because Grimes reads the route and is in position. He knows exactly what’s happening, and he’s athletic enough to get in position and make the interception. That’s the Grimes the Bucs hoped they were signing, and while he’s been a little up and down this season, he’s certainly got something left in the tank.

Which brings us to interception number two: Cutler throwing the ball to another covered receiver, and another defensive back just jumping the route. This one wasn’t quite as bad, but Chris Conte does a great job of reacting to the throw and taking away the ball — something he’s struggled with throughout his Bucs career. Sweet irony that Conte used to be a Bear, of course.

And that’s how the Bucs have a 7-3 lead after one quarter. Because of interceptions. Because the offense, unfortunately, is not doing anything whatsoever.