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DLT's Deadlocks - NFL Week 10 Picks 2016

Picks NOT to make.

Reinhold Matay-USA TODAY Sports

Another week, another bevy of overly mediocre picks. Now, I wasn't quite as bad as I have been the rest of the season, but I did go ohfer with my upset specials, including our beloved bumbling bunch of Buccaroonies. So I'll probably keep the same method but pick less upsets this week - or will I? You don't know (Well you will at the end of this article but I digress).

Last Week: 8-5 61% Upset Specials: 0-3 0%

Season: 73-58 55% Upset Specials: 8-15 34%

Bye: Bills, Lions, Colts, Raiders

Thursday Night

Ravens 30, Browns 10 - I think Cleveland has a realistic shot at going ohfer.


Packers 23, Titans 20 - Yeesh. These aren't your daddy's Packers. What in the world is going on with the Lameblows? Still, I'm assuming they can beat the Flaming Thumbtacks...I mean, come on.

Washington NFL Franchise 27, Vikings 24 - After an undefeated start, the Vikes are in a freefall. Can they recover? They don't like that this week.

Bucs 23, Bears 17 - Yes, I know. The Bucs at home equals soul crushing defeat. If they don't win this one, they may go winless at Ray Jay for the second time in three years. I wonder how many bandwagon Cubs jerseys will be out there?

Upset Special #1: Chiefs 30, Panthers 20 - I'm not a believer in the Carolina Panthers resurgence.

Eagles 30, Falcons 27 - It could be wishful thinking here.

Jets 23, Rams 20 - LA comes East. Unfortunately for them, they're not the Raiders.

Upset Special #2 - Broncos 40, Saints 23 - Sorry, I know they've been hot but how the hell are the Saints favored over Denver?

Texans 30, Jaguars 20 - Jacksonville may already been looking for a new head coach and front office guy.

Chargers 30, Dolphins 21 - Yeah, Miami isn't winning on the West coast.

Upset Special #3 - Cowboys 30, Steelers 20 - As long as the Cowboys don't put Romo in, they're a Superb Owl favorite.

Cardinals 30, 49ers 10 - Arizona gets well on the Kaepernicks.

Sunday Night

Patriots 23, Seahawks 20 - Finally, a Sunday night game worth watching.

Monday Night

Giants 20, Bengals 13 - Remember when everyone thought the Bungles were good?