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Daily Bucs Links: Injuries everywhere

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Here's your open thread for today.

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The Vikings have gone from unbeaten to getting dominated by the Bears in 2 weeks -
What seemed like a good opportunity to regroup, wasn’t.

Andre Johnson retires after Hall of Fame-worthy career -
Andre Johnson finishes his NFL career 10th all-time in receiving yards.

NFL overtime isn’t fair, but it’s made some exciting, weird football this season -
The NFL’s overtime format doesn’t make much sense, but it does a good job spitting out truly weird football.

The Bears made a bunch of terrifying pictures to celebrate playing on Halloween -

Patriots shockingly trade Jamie Collins to Browns for a 3rd-round pick -
Collins was a second-round pick in 2013, but joins the Browns in exchange for a third-round selection.

The Falcons have scars and they’re a better team because of it -
We’ve seen the Falcons fly high and fall fast before. Not this year. So what’s changed in Atlanta?

Jonez on Jonez: Stop trying to export the NFL -
The two most American things are football and being self-absorbed assholes. The NFL aggressively pandering to England goes against both.

Cowboys coach Jason Garrett got a scar celebrating Jason Witten’s winning touchdown -
He would tell you it was worth it.

Andre Johnson’s numbers were great. He was better. -
Being one of the most productive receivers of all time only tells part of the story about just how important Johnson was to the Texans.

Vikings vs. Bears live scores, highlights, and updates from 'Monday Night Football' -
Jay Cutler and Chicago surprised everyone with a 10-point win over Minnesota on Monday night.

Matt Hasselbeck’s Brian Urlacher costume is so accurate it’s scary -
No detail was left out.

Rob Gronkowski is having a career-defining season -
Gronkowski set a new Patriots high mark for touchdowns with 69, and he’s closing in on some other records.

5 Takeaways from Buccaneers vs. Raiders
A few notes from the Buccaneers' Week 8 loss to the Raiders.

Stat Shots: Buccaneers Taking It Away

The Buccaneers have the league's best turnover ratio since Week 5, a dramatic turnaround from the season's first month…And other notable numbers after Sunday's game against Oakland.

Buccaneers Injury Report, October 31

A look at Monday's injury report.