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DLT's Deadlocks - NFL Week 5 2016 Picks

DLT is back on track...we think.

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

First off, we definitely want to give our thoughts, prayers and attention to those in our beloved state (and elsewhere) impacted by Hurricane Matthew. Stay safe and listen to your leaders. If they tell you to go, then go.

Now, on to picking some football games! I didn't crap the bed like I did the previous week, so 10-5 and 2-0 in my upset specials is definitely something to be positive about.

Let's see what I can do this week.

Last Week: 10-5 66% Upset Specials: 2-0 100%

Season: 36-27 57% Upset Specials: 5-5 50%

Bye: Chiefs, Saints, Seahawks, Jaguars

Thursday Night

Upset Special #1: 49ers 20, Cardinals 10 - No Carson Palmer? No Joy for the Cardinals, who seemed to save up all their good play for Tampa Bay.


Patriots 56, Browns 0 - Tom mad. Tom break stuff. Cleveland stuff.

Eagles 30, Lions 20 - Who is this Carson Wentz kid, how is he so good so soon?

Colts 23, Bears 17 - Andrew is a bit down on his Luck of late. They don't beat the Bears and heads may roll.

Dolphins 23, Titans 20 - Let's hope there's a Miami left to play in. Stay safe everyone.

Ravens 30, Washington NFL Franchise 20 - The battle of the beltway goes purple.

Vikings 30, Texans 20 - I think Minnesota may have the best team in the league...and thats without Teddy Bridgwater and Adrian Peterson.

Steelers 23, Jets 10 - Steelers got back on track on SNF. Fitz making Jameis Winston say, "Come on with the Ints, man!"

Broncos 20, Falcons 17 - When it comes to the best offense versus the best defense, I always go with the best defense.

Bengals 24, Cowboys 17 - Cincy's got to get this one. Dallas' run of patsies is over (for now).

Rams 23, Bills 20 - The LA Scams at 4-1? Nah. Really?

Raiders 38, Chargers 35 - The Chargers will be up by 21 with a minute left and find away to blow it.

Sunday Night

Packers 30, Giants 23 - Don't cry Odell. It's only a game.

Monday Night

Panthers 30, Buccaneers 10 - Until Jameis Winston stops throwing interceptions, I'll be picking against the Bucs.