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No, Jameis Winston is not going anywhere

NFL: Denver Broncos at Tampa Bay Buccaneers Jonathan Dyer-USA TODAY Sports

Yes, Jameis Winston is still the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ long-term quarterback.

Sure, Winston has thrown a few too many interceptions this year. Or way too many. His performance hasn’t been great. He’s been one of the reasons the Bucs are 1-3. And yes, Dirk Koetter did say that he was concerned about Winston’s interceptions.

That does not mean anything more than that the Bucs want Winston to get better. Here’s a secret: Winston wants to get better too! That’s why he’s been working all year to improve his mechanics.

Obviously, that’s not exactly working right now. He’s been slightly off with his throws for weeks, he made two bad reads against the Broncos that directly led to interceptions and he’s struggling a little. That’s normal for a young quarter. Hell, Andrew Luck has a whole year of struggling and no one’s calling for him to be replaced.

And yet, I’m already seeing some Mike Glennon fan stirrings here and there. Reminder: Glennon is not a good quarterback. Go watch the preseason again. Another reminder: he’s so not good that no NFL wanted to give up significant draft picks for him. yet another reminder: Winston isn’t going anywhere.

In other words: Jameis Winston may be struggling a little bit, but he’s the Bucs’ long-term answer at quarterback. And he’ll remain that answer, as long as he doesn’t completely collapse. As long as there is hope that he’ll get better. And there’s plenty of that right now.