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Peyton Barber bought his mom a new apartment

Washington Redskins v Tampa Bay Buccaneers Photo by Brian Blanco/Getty Images

Remember when Peyton Barber entered the draft because he wanted to get his mom her own place? Mission succeeded!

According to Jenna Laine of ESPN, Barber just bought his mom an apartment, after she’d been living with her daughter and three grandchildren in a crowded apartment in Georgia.

Barber was signed to the 53-man roster when injuries started hitting the Bucs’ backfield, and has played well when given the chance. He got his first NFL touchdown last week, a 44-yard scamper against the San Francisco 49ers. He’s currently second in line for touches, though that will change once (if?) Doug Martin returns from injury.

Here’s to hoping the undrafted rookie can hang on to his roster spot, and become a consistently productive NFL player. Barber is off to a good starter, and maybe next he can buy his mom Sunday Ticket, so she can watch her son play football from inside her new apartment.