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DLT's Deadlocks - NFL Week 7 Picks 2016

DLT is back! Can he get any better?

Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

Hi folks, I have returned from my weeklong exile as Sander discovered that Doctor Mysterio didn't have magical powers of prognostication and exposed him as the fraud he was.

Of course, I'm not much better...but we'll see how I do this week.

Last Week: 9-6 60% Upset Specials: 1-1 50%

Season: 51-41 55% Upset Specials: 6-7 46%

Byes: Panthers, Cowboys

Thursday Night

Packers 30, Bears 17 - Welp, another unwatchable TNF game. I'll be watching hockey. Or paint dry. Or my backed up DVR. I'm sure there's an episode of Gotham or Supernatural I missed.


Upset Special: Rams 23, Giants 17 - I don't know why I'm picking the SCAMS. It's probably the East coast team travelling West thing but other than that - no good reason. Sorry. UPDATE - this game is in England, so now I really have no idea why I picked the Scams.

Chiefs 45, Saints 24 - Yeah, that was a nice little run their Saints. Now go away.

Titans 20, Colts 17 - The Chuck Pagano watch has begun in full force in Indy. Maybe they should look at that GM, too...and maybe beg Bill Polian to come back from the forced retirement.

Vikings 23, Eagles 16 - Vikes are going to lose at some point. This is not that point.

Bengals 24, Browns 20 - Surely, the Bengals won't lose to Cleveland. Right? RIGHT?

Upset Special #2: Washington NFL Franchise 30, Lions 23 - Okay, I like that now.

Upset Special #3: Raiders 30, Jaguars 24 - West coast to East coast. Will be tough for the Raiders but somehow they will pull it off.

Bills 30, Dolphins 23 - Buffalo is really starting to become a threat to the wild card contenders. (Yeah, no one wins the East but the Patriots, lets be real here).

Ravens 23, Jets 17 - Geno Smith starting for the J-E-T-S Joke! Joke! Joke! B-more says thank you very much for the win, NY.

Bucs 24, 49ers 14 - Yikes. The Bucs a road favorite? On the West Coast? Every fiber of my being says pick the Niners but I'll stick with the homer pick because the thought of losing to Colin Kaepernick just sickens me.

Falcons 23, Chargers 17 - Falcons get back on the winning track.

Patriots 27, Steelers 10 - No Big Ben, No chance vs. the Pats.

Sunday Night

Seahawks 30, Cardinals 23 - Arizona isn't the team they were last season (except against the Bucs, that is).

Monday Night

Broncos 30, Texans 20 - Brock returns to Denver. Yawn. What's on the DVR?