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Daily Bucs Links: Recapping Sunday

Here's your open thread for today.

Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

Jalen Ramsey backed up his talk with a huge game against the Bears -
The rookie defensive back had a game-winning deflection.

Seahawks players celebrated a touchback by beating up their own mascot -
The Seahawks are beating the Falcons at home, and they seem excited about it.

Cam Newton played like Superman and it still wasn’t enough to beat the Saints -
The Panthers let everything around Cam Newton fall into disrepair to the point where can’t bail them out any more.

Richard Sherman got pissed off after Julio Jones scored a touchdown on blown coverage -
Richard Sherman went after Seahawks defensive coordinator Kris Richard after the team blew coverage for a touchdown.

Dontari Poe is the Chiefs' 346-pound touchdown machine -

Dak Prescott passes Tom Brady in the record books -
Prescott has now thrown the most passes without an interception to start an NFL career.

Rams tried to blow up the Lions' victory formation -
You’d think with 159 career losses a guy would at least know how to lose with class.

LeSean McCoy said he's over Chip Kelly after running all over his team -
Shady is happy.

Colin Kaepernick wasn't the 49ers’ savior in his 1st start of the season, but nobody thought he would be -
The 49ers were destroyed by the Bills and it really wasn’t the fault of Colin Kaepernick in his return.

Odell Beckham Jr finally consummated his relationship with the Giants’ kicking net -

Odell Beckham Jr. had fun again and basically beat the Ravens by himself -
Odell Beckham Jr. had a career-best 222 receiving yards Sunday and looked like the player who electrified the NFL in 2015.

Richard Sherman seals Seahawks win by committing pass interference on Julio Jones -
Atlanta is going to be furious about this.

Colin Kaepernick's role has changed, but his message remains the same -
Making his first start in almost a year, the 49ers quarterback vowed to keep fighting on the field and off.

NFL scores 2016: Texans mount late comeback to topple Colts in OT -
The Colts and Texans face off in an AFC South matchup to close out Sunday of Week 6. Follow along for the latest scores, highlights, and more.

Bucs at the Break: Unsung Hero contributors Joe Kania, Andrew Norton and Scott Smith wrap up their bye-week roundtable with a look at the team's quietly important contributors.

Bucs Penalties Down, But Still Coming In Critical Moments | Pewter Report
The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are doing a better job at limiting penalties this season, but players are still committing too many at critical moments.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers have reason for optimism coming out of bye week
Things are looking up for the Bucs, who are 2-0 in the NFC South and potentially primed to make a move with a manageable upcoming schedule.