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Watch Mike Evans make a cornerback look silly

Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Carolina Panthers Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images

The Carolina Panthers have paid a lot of attention to Mike Evans in this game, and rightly so: he’s clearly the Tampa bay Buccaneers’ most dangerous skill player. The Bucs receiver had 360 receiving yards coming into the game, but was fairly quiet against the Panthers — until this happened.

See, that’s why you throw the ball to Mike Evans. It’s not even all that sophisticated a move, but the cornerback buys it hook, line, and sinker — and then it’s a trivially easy touchdown for Evans.

The issue the Bucs had for most of the game was that Jameis Winston was skittish in the pocket, and very reluctant to throw the ball down the field — whether because of coverage or because he was really trying to prevent turnovers wasn’t clear. That led to a lot of scrambles and short throws, and not a lot of Mike Evans opportunities.

As soon as the Bucs went down by a score, though, Winston got a lot more aggressive — he took three consecutive big shots down the field, and hit on two of them. The touchdown is one of them.

That’s the Winston the Bucs need to see if they want to win games. The guy who isn’t afraid to make some big throws. That will lead to a few more interceptions than most quarterbacks, but it’ll also lead to a lot more productive plays overall.