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Watch the Panthers hand the Bucs the ball in hilarious fashion

NFL: Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Carolina Panthers Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

I love when teams just give the Tampa Bay Buccaneers the ball. The defense has found it hard enough to produce any turnovers this season — they only have two all year — and it’s just nice of other teams to help them out a little. Or, in this case, help out special teams.

See also, what the Carolina Panthers did just now.

Haha, suckers. That’s what losing teams do. They give away the ball in ridiculous ways.

Then the Bucs did what other losing teams do: they turned a third-and-one from the six-yard line into a third-and-11 with two pre-snap penalties, then called a timeout (which they could have used to avoid a delay of game penalty), then Jameis Winston missed Vincent Jackson on third down, and then Roberto Aguayo missed a chip-shot field goal.

Note to self: Aguayo is not looking like a good second-round pick, who knew?

So yeah. These sure are two losing teams playing against each other. The Bucs are slightly less losing, though: they’re up 6-0.