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NFL Coaching Rumors: Dirk Koetter on Eagles' radar?

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Tampa Bay Buccaneers fans' biggest fear may be losing Dirk Koetter to a head coaching job this offseason. According to Alex Marvez, that may happen: he says Koetter is "on [the Philadelphia Eagles'] radar" for an interview. The Eagles fired Chip Kelly last week and need a new head coach, and Koetter would be a good fit for their offensive personnel.

The offensive coordinator oversaw a massively improved offense this season, and worked wonders with Jameis Winston. Losing him would mean Lovie Smith looking for a new offensive coordinator, a process that hasn't gone particularly well in the past. It would also disrupt the continuity on offense, always an issue when a coaching change is implemented but particularly a problem when you have a young quarterback.

So far, though, there's only a rumor that Koetter is on one team's radar. There's no indication as to whether he wants to leave, or how serious the Eagles' or other teams' interest in him is.