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The Simpsons lampoon Jameis Winston

The Simpsons are in their 27th season, somehow, despite putting out some mind-blowingly boring content over the years. Admittedly, they've been better in recent seasons. And today, they apparently decided to put in a Jameis Winston joke -- crab legs and what looks like a Chargers uniform?

Winston got caught stealing crab legs from a Publix in college in what was mostly blown off as a weird, minor incident of being careless with the kind of hook-up that star college athletes regularly gets. He then posted a picture of himself with some crab legs someone donated after he got drafted by the Bucs -- seemed like a good-natured joke to me, but others felt it crossed some lines.

Of course, Winston didn't actually get drafted later than he should have been -- you can't be drafted higher than first overall. But we've seen players drop for weird and largely meaningless stuff before, so the Simpsons joke isn't entirely off-point.