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Panthers dominating Buccaneers in final game of season

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are losing big in their final game of the season, trailing 24-3 at the half as they look to be heading for their fourth straight loss to end the season.

The Bucs have looked unimpressive on both sides of the ball. The defense has made a number of big plays, including three sacks and a turnover through a forced fumble, but they've also been put on skates repeatedly and allowed four straight scoring drives in the second quarter. When an offense can gain a whopping 256 yards on you, you're not exactly playing well.

Meanwhile, the offense has done absolutely nothing. The team's three points came after the defense recovered the ball and the offense couldn't convert the quality field position into a touchdown. Instead, Jameis Winston tossed an ugly interception and the offense as a whole managed just 82 yards in the first half. before the two-minute warning, when they added 73. The Bucs offense has struggled for weeks but today's performance, at least so far, feels like a low point.

Still, this game isn't over yet. The Bucs can turn it around in the second half -- but they need to get started quickly to do so.