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NFL Playoff Picture 2016: Teams and wild card schedule

David Kohl-USA TODAY Sports

The 2016 NFL regular season is as-good-as-over, which means we basically know the NFL playoff picture. There's only one game remaining: between the Minnesota Vikings and Green Bay Packers tonight, which will only affect the seeding in the NFC.

The Carolina Panthers got home field advantage today by beating the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, while the Arizona Cardinals nailed down their number two spot. In the AFC, the Pittsburgh Steelers got in ahead of the New York Jets, as that team choked against the Buffalo Bills -- a win would have seen them in the playoffs instead.

Here's the full playoff picture.

NFC Playoff Picture

If the Vikings win tonight:

1: Carolina Panthers
2: Arizona Cardinals
3: Minnesota Vikings
4: Washington
5: Green Bay Packers
6: Seattle Seahawks

If the Packers win tonight:

1: Carolina Panthers
2: Arizona Cardinals
3: Green Bay Packers
4: Washington
5: Seattle Seahawks
6: Minnesota Vikings

AFC Playoff Picture

1: Denver Broncos
2: New England Patriots
3: Cincinnati Bengals
4: Houston Texans
5: Kansas City Chiefs
6: Pittsburgh Steelers

Wild Card weekend schedule:

Pittsburgh Steelers @ Cinncinati Bengals
Kansas City Chiefs @ Houston Texans

#6 @ #3
#5 @ #4