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Florida State settles with Jameis Winston's accuser for $950,000

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Mark Wallheiser/Getty Images

Florida State University has agreed to pay $950,000 to Erica Kinsman, the former student who says she was raped by quarterback Jameis Winston, as part of a settlement. FSU also agreed to make a "five-year commitment to awareness, prevention and training programs," according to USA Today, which also claims it's the "largest settlement for Title IX claims regarding indifference to a student's reported sexual assault" -- though there appear to have been bigger settlements.

Winston was never charged with rape or sexual assault after Kinsman's complaints, as an initially mishandled police investigation prevented a thorough investigation, and state attorney Willie Meggs deemed that Kinsman was not reliable enough as a witness to build a case around that could prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. FSU held a student conduct hearing in December 2014, two years after Kinsman initially reported being raped, where Winston was not found responsible.

Kinsman filed a civil suit against Winston in April of last year, after which Winston countersued. That trial is currently scheduled to begin in January of 2017. Kinsman also filed a Title IX complaint with the Department of Education's Office for Civil Rights, resulting in an ongoing investigation.