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Buccaneers won't trade Mike Glennon this year, reportedly

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Mike Glennon is entering the final year of his contract. The former third-round pick has started 18 games in his career with soild results for a backup, and mediocre results for a starter. And with Jameis Winston in town, he's not about to get another opportunity as the Tampa Bay Buccaneers' starting quarterback. A trade would make a lof of sense, then -- but the Bucs won't be doing that, according to Pewter Report.

Pewter Report has repeatedly reported this, and they're generally well plugged-in. Obviously things can change between now and the offseason, and it's possible someone knocks their socks off with an offer. But as things stand, it looks like Glennon will remain a Buccaneer in 2016.

Here's my question: why exactly did you have third-string quarterback Ryan Griffin taking up a 53-man roster spot for 16 games if it wasn't to hang on to him for next season? What, exactly, was the point of all that? Very few NFL teams carry three quarterbacks, precisely because those roster spots can be better-spent elsewhere.

Sure, backup quarterbacks are important. But so is depth, and so are draft picks. The Bucs could let Glennon hit free agency in 2017 in hopes of landing a compensatory draft pick in 2018 -- but they'd only get a decent pick if Glennon signs an expensive contract, starts most of the 2018 season and the Bucs don't sign significant free agents in 2017 themselves. That's a lot of "ifs" for what would be a late third-round pick at the very, very best -- and far more likely to be a late fourth- or fifth-rounder.

How does a potential mid- to late-round pick in 2018 compare to a potential high pick right now? T