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Three Buccaneers among PFF's top assistant coaches

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Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Pro Football Focus published a list of the top three coaches at every assistant coaching position in the NFL. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers had three coaches on these lists: Tim Spencer was the best running backs coach in the NFL, while newly-hired Jay Hayes was the second runner-up among defensive line coaches, and similarly newly-hired special teams coordinator Nick Kaczor was the second runner-up in his group.

With a rookie quarterback, you need to relieve some of the pressure by running the ball, and as the run-blocking fell away, it appeared the runners just got stronger. A 65 percent increase in running back yards, despite the aforementioned decline in blocking, is enough in itself, but throw in a 40 percent increase in running back receiving yards and a huge improvement in pass protection, and Spencer became our clear winner.

Keep in mind, though, that PFF is making these determinations entirely on the basis of their analysts' opinions. So basically, this is a reward for which unit under- or overperformed their talent level, in their opinion.

The fact that Nick Kaczor made this list is fascinating, given the horrible performance his special teams units have consistently put up. Apparently, Pro Football Focus thinks those horrible performances are to be explained by his players. So how bad, exactly, would the Titans' special teams units have been without the presence of Kaczor? One can only speculate.

Still, getting three of the team's current assistant coaches on this list is a good indication that the Bucs have upgraded their coaching staff. After all, none of the coaches the team let go made this list.