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Dirk Koetter not naming offensive coordinator yet, will retain playcalling duties

Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Dirk Koetter was emotional taking the stage at his first press conference as a Tampa Bay Buccaneers head coach.

"It's one of the happiest days of my life, but also one of the most humbling," Koetter said, before thanking his family, the Glazers and coaches and players he'd worked with.

General manager Jason Licht called Koetter a leader who could "get the most out of his players," something Lovie Smith definitely didn't do and shedding a little light on why the team made the moves they did. Unlike with previous hires, the Glazers stayed out of the spotlight and let Licht and Koetter do almost all of the talking.

  • Koetter will continue to be the offensive playcaller, noting that the game management and strategy was "one of his favorite parts" of the game of football.
  • Koetter will retain the "majority" of the offensive coaching staff, though there will be some role changes. Among other things, he needs to find a new offensive coordinator. With Koetter retaining the playcalling duties and intimating that he'll keep much of the game-planning in his hands, that appointment doesn't need to be incredibly consequential, though.
  • Koetter noted that "he's a little hurt" Lovie Smith is no longer there, and that it's fine for players to feel that way too.
  • Intriguingly, Koetter did not name an offensive coordinator today. He said that quarterbacks coach Mike Bajakian would have a "major, major role" in part because Koetter's responsibilities naturally have to change some. But when asked whether Bajakian would be the offensive coordinator Koetter said that that would be "premature," which suggests he has someone else in mind or at least wants to interview some people. Tight ends coach Jon Embree should be a strong candidate as well, at least.