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Buccaneers interviewed Dirk Koetter for head coaching job

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have interviewed Dirk Koetter for their head coaching job, according to Rick Stroud. Koetter is currently the Bucs' offensive coordinator, and did a terrific job in his first year on the job with rookie quarterback Jameis Winston.

Jason Licht had effectively said that they'd interview Koetter in his press conference following the firing of Lovie Smith. "He'll be a very strong candidate," Licht said of Koetter. "He's got a strong resume. I've had a chance to work with him day-to-day for the last year and I like Dirk. He's going to be a strong candidate."

The Bucs aren't the only team going after Koetter, though. The Philadelphia Eagles have been reported to be interested, though no interview was ever confirmed. The San Francisco 49ers did interview Koetter, and the fact that they appear to be bowing out of the Hue Jackson chase may signal a renewed focus on the Bucs offensive coordinator.

It's not clear how seriously the Bucs want to hire Koetter. Initial reactions to the firing of Lovie Smith suggested they did so in an effort to retain Koetter. But they've also interviewed Sean McDermott and Harold Goodwin, and may be interested in hiring an outside head coach and retaining Koetter as offensive coordinator.

With the NFL owners' meetings currently under way, it's unlikely we'll see a decision before Thursday, after the meetings end.