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Mark Dominik throws Greg Schiano under the Michael Bennett bus

Michael Bennett just won a playoff game with the Seattle Seahawks, his seventh playoff win with the Seahawks since leaving the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in 2013. It's never quite been clear why Bennett wasn't re-signed by the Bucs: he led the team in sacks in 2012 with nine, had been getting better every year and was playing well against the run. And since letting him leave he's not only dominated with Seattle, the Bucs haven't been able to find a single capable pass-rushing defensive end.

At the time, Mark Dominik was the Bucs' general manager and reports noted that they expected Da'Quan Bowers to take his place in 2013 -- Bowers has since been off the roster twice, notching a grand total of 2.5 sacks in the past three years.  Dominik took to Twitter today to note that he wanted to keep Bennett, and the decision was "organizational." That likely means Greg Schiano vetoed the move, though it's theoretically possible the Glazers overruled him.

Greg Schiano hunts the Bucs still!