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Jameis Winston - Numbers to Aspire To

Can the Bucs' number one overall pick set any NFL records?

Andrew Innerarity-USA TODAY Sports

Jameis Winston begins his rookie season on Sunday (pinch me, I can't believe its finally here) and while we all must temper our expectations for the Famous One, its okay for him to set some goals (and we hope he can reach).

Here are some of the rookie records Jameis can strive for (or avoid) -

Passer rating

Highest passer rating, rookie, season: 102.4, Robert Griffin III 2012

Passing attempts

Most pass attempts, rookie, season: 627, Andrew Luck 2012

Pass completions

Most pass completions, rookie, season: 354, Sam Bradford, 2010

Pass completion percentage

Highest completion percentage, rookie, season: 66.44, Ben Roethlisberger, 2004

Passing yards

Most passing yards, rookie, season: 4,374, Andrew Luck 2012

Most passing yards, game, rookie: 433, Andrew Luck on November 4, 2012

Most passing yards, game, first NFL game: 422, Cam Newton, Sep 11, 2011

Average passing yards

Highest yards per attempt, rookie, season: 9.411 (1,854 yards on 197 attempts), Greg Cook, 1969

Passing touchdowns

Most Passing Touchdowns, Rookie, Season: 26, Peyton Manning, 1998 and Russell Wilson, 2012

Most Passing Touchdowns, Rookie, game: 5, Matthew Stafford on November 22, 2009; Ray Buivid on December 5, 1937

Interceptions thrown

Most passes intercepted, rookie season: 28, Peyton Manning, 1998

Passing interception differential/ratio

Best touchdown pass–interception differential, rookie season: +16 (26 TDs, 10 INTs), Russell Wilson, 2012

Best touchdown pass–interception ratio, rookie season: 4:1 (20 TDs/5 INTs), Robert Griffin III, 2012

Worst touchdown pass–interception differential, rookie season: -21 (6 TDs, 27 INTs), Bud Schwenk, 1942

Lowest percentage passes had intercepted

Lowest percentage passes had intercepted rookie season: 1.27 (5 INTs, 393 attempts), Robert Griffin III, 2012