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NFL Power Rankings 2015: Buccaneers still at the bottom

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Remember when the Tampa Bay Buccaneers were all excited about the upcoming season? They drafted a new quarterback, added a bunch of talent in the offseason, saw their players mature in the system and found an actual offensive coordinator. Yes, this year. Just yesterday, for instance.

Turns out the rest of the NFL isn't nearly that optimistic about the Bucs' chances of doing well. After all, they're ranked 31st in SB Nation's power rankings. And that's with me ranking them 18th -- maybe they would have been 32nd without that. Of couse, only one team blogger ranked them 32nd but I'm not going to say who (*cough* Panthers *cough*).

There's not much reason to believe the Bucs are actually going to be good this year, of course, but there is a lot of reason to believe they're not going to be the second-worst team in the NFL. Again. Simple regression to the mean would suggest they're going to be better now than last year, and a host of statistical factors suggest they'll be drastically improved.

Of course, it's going to take actual wins to convince the rest of the NFL of that fact. The Bucs can start on Sunday when they face the Tennessee Titans -- the team ranked 32nd.