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Buccaneers cut Lawrence Sidbury to get to 53-man roster

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are releasing Lawrence Sidbury Jr. to get to a 53-man roster, according to Adam Caplan of ESPN. That's a bit of a surprise, given that the Bucs only have three other dedicated defensive ends on the roster, two of whom are currently injured. William Gholston and Henry Melton can both play defensive end too, but are not going to be difference makers there.

This probably signals the Bucs are adding a defensive end or two either through trade or waiver wire pickups over the next couple of days. Willie Young would be an attractive trade target, but the Bucs will have to be satisfied with some less-than-ideal waiver wire pass rushers if they can't swing that trade.

The Bucs aren't done with roster cuts, even if they have a 53-man roster now. The roster does not yet include cornerback Tim Jennings, who should sign tomorrow, and they'll have to cut more players as they make some waiver wire pickups.