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Mike Glennon looks bad, but Buccaneers still leading Dolphins

Andrew Innerarity-USA TODAY Sports

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are giving the Miami Dolphins a decent lesson in efficiency in their own home. Where the Dolphins made mistake after mistake early in the game, the Bucs quickly capitalized and are leading 15-10 at the half, thanks mainly to two long Kyle Brindza field goals and a strong defensive performance.

One blemish on the Bucs' defensive efficiency was: they allowed the Dolphins to turn a Mike Glennon interception near their goal-line into touchdown on the back of just a few Jay Ajayi runs, who managed a whopping 62 yards on just seven carries.

Which brings us to another problem: Mike Glennon's two interceptions, both of which were the result of poor decisions and poor throws. Not Glennon's best night, which is a little surprising given that he's going against backups, here. At least that should any of the remaining unrealistic chatter about Glennon deserving to start over Winston.

Still, the Bucs are playing reasonably well and giving the team some optimism for their depth.

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