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Buccaneers taking advantage of all the Dolphins' mistakes

Andrew Innerarity-USA TODAY Sports

After one quarter, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers lead the Miami Dolphins 12-3. The first quarter was filled with Dolphins miscues, and the Bucs managed to take advantage pretty consistently.

The Buccaneers have looked good on defense and special teams so far. They forced a three-and-out on their first defensive outing, hit a couple of good kickoffs, managed a PAT and added a turnover on a good Jacob Schum punt, with Keith Tandy recovering a muffed punt. That gave the Bucs a first-and-goal, which Mike Glennon and Adam Humphries quickly converted for the team's first touchdown. In all, the Bucs defense only gave up a single field goal in the first quarter.

The offense didn't look nearly that good, though. While they managed to produce a touchdown, that came when they were gifted a first-and-goal situation from the goal-line thanks to some solid special teams play. Glennon threw a terrible interception to the sideline, trying to hit a well-covered receiver with a safety over the top, and simply couldn't get anything going -- except when he threw to Adam Humphries.

But that didn't really matter with the defense and special teams playing well. A safety off a poor snap and a 57-yard (!) Kyle Brindza field goal off a nice Major Wright interception give the Bucs a 12-3 leading heading into the second quarter.