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Texans lead 7-0 as Ryan Mallett picks apart Buccaneers defense

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are down 7-0 after one quarter as the Houston Texans picked apart a struggling Tampa Bay secondary.

As expected, this was a defensive battle early on with both teams forcing punts after letting the opposition gain a single first down on their first drives. The Bucs were visibly hurt by the crowd noise, as Logan Mankins delivered a false start on the first drive of the game and Jameis Winston allowed the play clock to wind down for a delay of game penalty, effectively ending the team's hopes on that drive.

That ended on the second drive, though, as the Texans had no problem running and passing all over the Bucs, who struggled to get a pass rush going. Tim Jennings got destroyed by DeAndre Hopkins on the five-yard touchdown to end that drive as the Texans took a quick 7-0 lead. It looked like Houston's hurry-up offense really forced the defense to adjust, and they weren't capable of keeping up.

The Bucs, meanwhile, stuck with what they do best: run the ball and throw it deep to Mike Evans and Vincent Jackson. Jonathan Joseph prevented a big play to Evans early on, but Winston is making some quality throws and that will lead to explosive yardage in this game.

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