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DLT's DEADLOCKS - NFL Picks 2015 - Week 3


Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Well, upset Sunday was in full effect this week. It hit the prognosticators hard, especially this guy. But let's face it -

Never Again

Thanks to @NFL_Memes for that meme, and you can add the Jets to that list the next night.

It was bizarro world last week.

So I'm going to write off last week as one of those fluky weeks that occur during the season where all the crappy teams have their come uppance.

Well, let's hope this week I have my own shot at come uppance because so far its been an awful year.

Last Week: 7-9 43% Upset Specials: 0-1 0%

Season: 16-16 50%  Upset Specials: 1-2 33%

Thursday Night

Giants 24, Washington 13 - The G-men would be 2-0 if they realized that games are four quarters in length, not three.


Cowboys 20, Falcons 13 - It's not that I don't believe the Cowboys will fall off a cliff without Romo and Dez.  I just think the Falcons are a fake 2-0.

Colts 23, Titans 20 - If Andrew Luck doesn't stop turning the ball over, Flaming Thumbtack fans are going to stop using him as measuring stick for Mariota.

Upset Special #1 Raiders 20, Browns 17 - I was all in on the Browns until they announced Josh McCown will start this week.

Bengals 27, Ravens 17 - Baltimore 0-3? What in the world is happening to the Nevermores?

Patriots 42, Jaguars 10 - There you go, Jacksonville. You got your one win. Unfortunately Tom's still inflated.

Panthers 24, Saints 16 - Bigger question than will Drew play or not is will anyone else on the Aints?

Jets 20, Eagles 6 - If you get rid of your GM and most of your best players, you might struggle to win. Who knew, eh Chip Kelly?

Upset Special #2 Buccaneers 16, Texans 10 - This will be a Lovie-ball game at its finest. I'll go with the team that actually has some weapons left on offense and a quarterback that can get it to them.

Vikings 23, Chargers 13 - California team traveling to America's Siberia. No wait, that's North Dakota. Sorry, Minnesota. You Canadian-ish states all look alike.

Upset Special #3 Rams 23, Steelers 20 - It's all about defense for the Los Angeles St. Louis Scams. Pittsburgh, not so much.

Cardinals 30, 49ers 10 - The Niners were who we thought they were.

Bills 27, Dolphins 13 - I'm still on the Bills bandwagon even after the curbstomping at the hands of the Deflatriots. And if I were Suh, I'd ignore Miami's coaching too.

Seahawks 40, Bears 10 - Eureka! Kam's back. Even bigger EUREKA! DA Bears are in town.

Sunday Night

Broncos 23, Lions 13 - I know this might be Peyton's last ride but must the Broncos be on National television every week?

Monday Night

Packers 27, Chiefs 17 - Is it just me or did we not just see both of these teams on National TV last week? This is how you get ants.