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NFL Power Rankings say the Buccaneers still suck

Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers may have beaten the New Orleans Saints, the rest of the NFL still thinks they're awful. At least if we can believe this week's power rankings.

SB Nation's Danny Kelly listed the Bucs 30th (up 2), Pro Football Talk's Mike Florio slotted them in at number 29 (up 3), Brandon Lee Gotwon of Bleeding Green Nation went with number 31 (up 1),'s Elliot Harrison ranked them 30th (up 2) and Frank Schwab of has them 30th (up 2).

That's basically a two-slot rise across the board -- a rather disappointing result, given the team's and fans' celebration after their first win since November of last year. But the Saints don't look like a good team right now, and the Bucs barely squeaked out a victory thanks to some conservative playcalling late in the game. They weren't exactly dominating New Orleans, so a massive jump would be unearned. They just didn't look as horrendous as they did in week one.

It's up to the Bucs to convince the rest of the NFL that they're actually good. Assuming they are good, that is. This Sunday will be another chance to do that, when they take on the Houston Texans.