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Tony Romo's injury is why the Buccaneers kept Mike Glennon

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Tony Romo has suffered a broken clavicle in the game against the Philadelphia Eaglesaccording to NFL Network's Judy Battista. That injury will keep him out for a good long time, though it probably won't cost him the entire season. It also nearly torpedoes any chances the Cowboys had of competing this year, as quarterback injuries tend to do.

But this injury also highlights one of the more curious moves the Bucs made this offseason: their decision not to trade Mike Glennon, despite reports of interested teams and the obvious fact that he was not going to take Winston's starting spot. It's also why the Bucs claimed Ryan Griffin off waivers when they could. Not because they didn't trust Jameis Winston, or because they wanted a real quarterback competition -- injuries. That's it. Because if an injury hits your quarterback and you're forced to go with Jimmy Clausen, as the Chicago Bears were today, you're doomed.

Next year, the Bucs will trade Mike Glennon as he'll be in the final year of his contract and Tampa Bay will have Ryan Griffin, who they do really like, as Winston's backup to fall back on. There's even a small chance the Bucs manage to trade Glennon this season, what with the Dallas Cowboys and Chicago Bears both having lost their quarterbacks today -- possibly for significant amounts of time. If one of those teams panics, they could do worse than adding Glennon to their roster.

That's unlikely, though. Anyone trading for Glennon would have to get him up to speed in a new offense in a very high tempo, and that rarely ends well. And the same is true for the Bucs; if anything were to happen with Winston after they traded Glennon, they'd have to fall back on a quarterback who only joined the team after missing the entire offseason.

No, the Bucs are more likely to hang on to Glennon barring an offer they can't refuse, then trading him for a mid-round pick to a quarterback-hungry team next year.