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Bucs bouncing back against Saints with calmed-down Jameis Winston

Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

After one quarter, the Buccaneers lead the New Orleans Saints 3-0.

The Bucs look a whole lot better than they did last week, although they're not exactly dominant against the New Orleans Saints. Jameis Winston looks a lot more comfortable and composed in his second NFL start, and the Tampa Bay defense isn't getting embarrassed by quick play-action throws the way they were by the Tennessee Titans.

The Bucs got a little lucky on the first New Orleans drive. They gave up a couple of big plays to Drew Brees and company, but a drop and a few bad plays in Tampa Bay territory stopped that drive and forced the Saints to punt -- though they were on the edge of field goal range at the time. But the defense looks much-improved, with far fewer defensive breakdowns than they had against the Titans. That proved true on the second Saints drive when they forced a fumble on third down and the Saints had to punt from their own endzone.

The Bucs offense isn't doing as well, even though Doug Martin is killing it out there. Penalties and a more composed Jameis Winston helped the Tampa Bay offense, but the Saints' blitzes and the offensive line's confusion keep killing drives. Still, it's a much more encouraging start with no turnovers so far.

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