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Buccaneers and Saints try to bounce back from week one losses

Cliff McBride/Getty Images

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers and New Orleans Saints prepare to recover from their week one losses today. Both teams are looking to bounce back, the Bucs a bit farther than the Saints, but both suffered strong, double-digit losses in the first week.

One player who was out last week and who could make a key difference today is wide receiver Mike Evans. Last year's star receiver was out with a hamstring strain, but he's recovered enough to play a significant role on offense today. The Bucs will hope that helps to kick-start Jameis Winston, who looked uncomfortable and out of sorts last week, though he recovered a little bit later in the game.

For that to happen, the Bucs are going to have to be better along the offensive line, too. Both in terms of the protections called by Winston, and in the communication and simple individual blocking among the linemen. The right side of the line with Gosder Cherilus and Ali Marpet was a particular concern last week, which won't be helped by facing Cameron Jordan this week.

Still, the Saints didn't exactly impress last week and there's a decent the chance the Bucs actually walk away with a win this time -- or at least look better than they did last week.

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