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Buccaneers-Saints picks and predictions: Being optimistic about Jameis Winston

Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers were destroyed last week, so it's no surprise that everyone's all down and pessimistic right now, but I'm not giving in. Not yet, anyway. I think the Bucs' issues are myriad, but they are also fixable. I'm hoping that this game somehow shook everyone up, and got them back on the same page. By and large this was not an issue of being physically overwhelmed, but of not doing your job -- by veterans who know exactly what their job is.

And the New Orleans Saints didn't look too hot against the Arizona Cardinals, either. Granted, the Cardinals defense is a handful and Bruce Arians is a terrific coordinator, but they looked more or less like the same team they were last year. Except now they tried to lean on the run and couldn't do anything. I was not impressed at all with the Saints, and the good news is that the Bucs' offensive style is very similar -- they may just be able to run all over that defense, giving Winston a little extra breathing room and an easier and more more comfortable game in his second start.

Of course, the Bucs defense will still struggle a little. So a shootout seems likely. Lots of scores going both ways in the dome. In the end the Bucs win, 31-28.

Predict the game below!