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NFL Power Rankings Week 2: Worst team in the league

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Jonathan Dyer-USA TODAY Sports

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers went 2-14 last year, earned the number one overall draft pick and opened the season with a humiliating home loss to the previously 2-14 Tennessee Titans. So NFL power rankings do what NFL power rankings do, and place the Bucs way at the bottom of every list out there.

Danny Kelly of SB NationElliot Harrison at NFL.comTim Lynch of Mile High Report placed the Bucs way, way at the bottom. Kevin Nogle at the Phinsider was kinder with a 30th place, and USA Today handed them the 31st spot.

That's a harsh reality: right now, the Bucs look comfortably like the worst team in the NFL. It's a title they earned with their disastrous play against the Titans. Not only did they earn the worst record in the NFL last year, they lost their first game by 28 points -- no team got so thoroughly destroyed this week.

But the season has only just begun. Win the next two games, and things will look very different. And yes, that could absolutely happen: this is the NFL, and quick turnarounds and surprising results are the norm.