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Marcus Mariota slaughtering Buccaneers and Jameis Winston early

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The Bucs got off to an embarrassing start, allowing Marcus Mariota to traverse the entire field with just two throws: a 22-yard completion to Delanie Walker down the middle, and a 52-yard touchdown to Kendall Wright, again straight down the middle. The Bucs defense looked completely out of sorts there.

But at least the Bucs have Jameis Winston and a potentially high-powered offense, right? Well, this happened:

And just like that, the Bucs were down 14-0 after just three minutes of game time. Winston didn't look any better on his second drive, airballing one throw and being forced to scramble to nowhere after being pressured on third down.

Meanwhile, the defense continued to look like a disaster. Marcus Mariota just picked them apart, although he did throw a dropped interception to Kwon Alexander at one point. Mariota scored a touchdown on both of his drives, completing six of nine passes for a ridiculous 130 yards and two touchdowns without even being touched.

We can attribute most of these struggles to rookie adjustments and defensive confusion, but the Bucs had better get this sorted out quickly or this is going to be a very long game -- and a very long season.

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