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NFL odds: Buccaneers minor favorites over Titans

Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are 3-point favorites against the Tennessee Titansgoing by the odds listed by SB Nation. In other words: Vegas thinks the Bucs are basically just as good as the Titans, and the home field advantage makes them the minor favorites.

That's....kind of new for Bucs fans, after last year's disaster piled upon disaster. Of course, it helps that Tampa Bay's facing a team that held the number two overall draft pick and that's starting a rookie quarterback -- but then, the Bucs had the number one pick and are also starting a rookie quarterback. The Bucs have reasons to be optimistic, of course, but so dot he Titans.

Still, I"ll take being a minor favorite over being any kind of underdog at any time. Here's to hoping this won't be the only time this season that oddsmakers like the Bucs to actually win a game. That'll be a nice change of pace.