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Jason Licht compares Jameis Winston's charisma to Tom Brady's

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Jason Licht joined JoeBucsFan on 620WDAE to talk about Tampa Bay Buccaneers training camp today. The Bucs' general manager sang the praises of several players, including Ali MarpetAlterraun Verner, Johnthan Banks, Charles Sims, Kenny Bell, Ali Marpet and Jacquies Smith. One player Licht brought up when talking about the running backs is undrafted rookie Dominique Brown.

"I'm excited to see in preseason here Dominique Brown. You know he's got the body and the size of a Brandon Jacobs. I'm not trying to anoint him as a Pro Bowl player or anything yet, you know he still has to make the team, but he has something the other players don't and that's just size and mass and he has good feet too."

More intriguing than that, though, were Licht's comments on Jameis Winston's relationship with his teammates.

"The relationships that he's developing with the players. It's happening so fast here and so organically, you can't see. He's in the cafeteria sitting with the veterans and just developing a rapport with not just the receivers but the linemen. He seems to gravitate to the linemen, which is always a good thing for a quarterback.

"I remember when Tom Brady was a rookie and I was with the Patriots and we would go to the lunch room and we'd look over and in the corner there's Brady, sitting around all the starting linemen telling stories and being animated and they're just captivated by him. And that was kind of the moment that we knew that there was something to this guy, besides the fact that he can throw the ball. Jamies has that. I'm not saying that he's Tom Brady, but he's got natural charisma, but also a football character and common sense when it comes to being a leader."

Tom Brady really seems to be Licht's model for what a good quarterback looks like, especially in terms of his demeanor -- prior to the draft, Pewter Report claimed that the Bucs really wanted an "alpha male" leader in the mold of Tom Brady. It looks like that's indeed what the Bucs got. Now to see if Winston can approach Brady's quality on the field.

You can listen to the full audio below.