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Buccaneers can win their first home game under Lovie Smith tonight

Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

Usually, the outcome of preseason games doesn't really matter. They're there to prepare players for the regular season, and to evaluate the roster. Not to actually win games -- unless your coach is Mike Zimmer, that is. But Tampa Bay Buccaneers fans may feel a bit differently about this game: they haven't seen a home win since 2013.

Yes, that's right. Lovie Smith hasn't won at Raymond James Stadium as the coach of the Bucs. Ever. The only Bucs wins last season came in Buffalo (preseason), Pittsburgh and Landover (against Washington). The Bucs managed to go 0-8 in the regular season at home for the first time ever, and 0-10 including the two preseason games.

That's a long time to go without really cheering for your team in the stands. It's a minor miracle that ticket sales went up this season, and it's about time to actually reward those fans with some quality football. Or if not that, at least something to cheer for. We all know preseason doesn't really matter, but we'd still like to see a win instead of a loss.

So go Bucs. Try to win tonight's game and give the fans in the stadium something to cheer for.