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Weird Buccaneers paraphernalia: toast, high heel bottle holders and sportulas

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The NFL season's about to start, which means that fans are buying the most random stuff in the world. Or at least, the NFL's trying to get them to buy all that random stuff. Like, say, a Tampa Bay Buccaneers toaster (h/t Greg Auman).

Oh yeah, that's beautiful. Who doesn't want to eat a Bucs logo for breakfast every morning. What about dinner? Well, they have a beautiful...high heel shoe wine cooler? What?

Note: the NFL shop doesn't sell actual shoes that look like that, so if you want to wear classy high heel shoes featuring a Bucs logo, I guess you're out of luck. But you can flip your burgers in bucs style, if you're so inclined. With a thing called...a Sportula. Oh consumerism, you're so silly.

Speaking of silly, what's the weirdest bit of Buccaneers-branded paraphernalia you ever bought, or saw?