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Watch the Bucs defensive linemen get the rookie haircut treatment

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Gerald McCoy has been known to carry rookies' pads, but the defensive line room still isn't above a little hazing, as evidenced by William Gholston's Instagram pictures. That's Ryan Delaire with the blue paint and dreads, Jamal Young with the purple beard, Quayshawne Buckley without a shirt and Caushaud Lyons in the Bucs shirt.

Good fun

A photo posted by Will Gholston (@williamgholston) on

Nothing like rookie haircut day

A photo posted by Da'QuanBowers91 (@daquanbowers91) on

Gholston briefly posted some video of the process to his Instagram too, but that's gone now (boo). And Ryan Delaire has a private post right here.

Nice haircuts, though. Glad to see they were kind enough to leave the dreadlocks intact, if a little discolored. Now let's hope they're not going through this ordeal for nothing, because they'll have a tough time making the roster.